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Structural Design

We provide structural design engineering services for industrial and commercial projects. Our industrial experience includes the chemical, petrochemical, semiconductor, and the power generation industries. We can provide design services for virtually any type of structure. Our experience includes design of structural steel, reinforced concrete, masonry design, wood, and light gauge steel.

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Vibration Analysis

This is a specialty area of Southeast Dynamic Loading. Our experience includes a number of vibration studies to address issues of existing vibration problems, or design to mitigate any vibration issue from the installation of new equipment. Our vibration engineer can take measurements of vibration issues and determine the specific problem. Our experience also includes mitigation of vibrations caused by machinery or other sources of dynamic loads adjacent to structures. We can also estimate and design for blast loads.

If you need a vibration consultant, Southeast Dynamic Loading can help.

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Design of Foundations for Vibrating Equipment

A primary specialty area of ours. We have years of experience in designing foundations for cyclic loads coming from such machinery as compressors, fans, turbines, motors, etc. The performance of such foundations is critical to the well being of the supported equipment as well as the personnel that work in the area. Our software and experience allows us to come up with the most accurate model possible to ensure a safe deign. We also can estimate the effect of vibration on adjacent structures and design to mitigate.

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Finite Element Analysis

Our software allows us to do static, thermal, and dynamic analysis not just of structures as a whole but also stress analysis of individual components.

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We perform a variety of inspections and structural assessments, as well as forensics studies of failures. We do inspections for all building types including residential and foundation issues.

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Lifting Framing

We design steel framing to assist construction in lifting components into place.

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